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‘Mysteries of Pittsburgh’ premieres



It’s kind of neat to see Kennywood used as the main set of a movie…even if it is the movie itself is set at another amusement park (Adventureland). I’ve heard (thanks JT) that a couple of scenes were filmed in the Forest Hills shopping center at the old Plaza Restaurant. I think that we get a glimpse of that in the trailer.

Here are some local news stories (via youtube) about the filming:

The Dark Knight is both the “Most Pirated” and “Highest Earning Movie”

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‘Zack and Miri’ Banned in Utah

Fuck Utah

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More ‘Sorority Row’ info

It looks like it was only a one day shoot at Soldiers and sailors in Oakland.

Here are a couple more links about the shoot:
Set visit: ‘Sorority Row’ – Tuned In Journal –

City sets the scene for sorority thriller

‘Sorority Row’ Movie Filming In Pittsburgh

I watched them film some of this today right next to the building that I work in. The scene was set on Soldiers and Sailors lawn and involved a ton of extras.

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