Talk between Sens, Pens heats up heading into tonights opener

“First of all, it’s so ridiculous that I don’t want to even comment,” Therrien said.

The Penguins coach didn’t seem surprised, though, that Murray had thrown what amounts to a red herring in the playoff waters.

“He’s got a lot of experience. If he thinks that’s going to motivate his team, good for him,” Therrien said. “I know our team is really motivated to start the series.”

Most of the players found the notion amusing.

“I really have no comment. He has an opinion, that’s fine,” said Gary Roberts, who returned to the Penguins lineup for the first time after breaking his leg Dec. 29. “We know that we didn’t go out there to throw the hockey game. I’ve never put my skates on in my career where I’ve gone out hoping to lose or wanting to lose.”

“There’s stuff said all the time,” Crosby said. “I don’t think we’re worried about it. We trust the character and pride in this room.”

via ESPN


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