Pens Place Recchi on Waivers

The Wreckin’ ball is on his way out of town and it is kind of bittersweet for me.

When I was growing up and beginning to appreciate the game of hockey, Mark Recchi was a close second (to Mario Lemieux) on my list of favorite NHL players. I followed his career through the Philly – Montreal – Philly years; Hell I even bought Flyer’s and Canadien’s replica jerseys. He is a Hall of Famer in my book and I must say it sucks that he had to get “Leclaire’d” on his way out of town. Ultimately, the game has passed him by and he really had no place left on this young Penguins team. Tyler Kennedy kind of reminds me of Recchi a bit with the exception of the grittiness that Kennedy has shown so far. I can see him replacing him and becoming a staple of the Pens for years to come.

I hope another team picks Recchi up so that he isn’t forced into retirement….something tells me that Chicago or the Islanders may be where he ends up.

wreckin' ball

Recchi on Waivers – TSN


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